Mitt Romney Signs The ObamaCare Repeal Pledge

Published 07/25/12

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has signed The Repeal Pledge to undo ObamaCare. 

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Is This What We Wanted in Health Care Reform? —

Published 06/12/12

The stated goal of the law was to help more Americans have health insurance. The law includes some regulatory mandates aimed at achieving that. However, because the law takes effect on a long timeline – and many parts of it won’t be active until 2014 – it’s difficult to say how successful or unsuccessful those mandates have been. There’s been a lot of partial information. See how complete your knowledge is. 

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Please Thank Gov. Christie

Published 05/11/12

We should thank Gov. Christie for this veto, but we should also be mindful that he has indicated that if the Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare, he would move forward on implementing a ObamaCare exchange. 

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Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) Signs The ObamaCare Repeal Pledge

Published 05/08/12

Sen. Hatch’s decision to take The Repeal Pledge shows voters that, when it comes to health care, he gets it -- he understands that ObamaCare’s individual mandate is an unconstitutional government infringement on our constitutional liberties, and he knows that if implemented, it will lead to more government and less freedom, will place government bureaucrats between doctors and their patients, and will limit patients' choice and control. 

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And the Worst Part of ObamaCare is...

Published 04/02/12

For the second year in a row, the Individual Mandate has taken the tarnished crown as the "winner" of our REAL March Madness ObamaCare bracket game. And it's not hard to understand why. 

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Get the Truth About ObamaCare

Published 03/26/12

It's been two years since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed. Not-so-affectionately known as ObamaCare, this health reform law is over 2,000 pages long. Surely, it introduces complicated changes into our health care system. The Left continues to praise ObamaCare for all the “good things” it does for Americans: for seniors, businesses, women, and young people. But they only want to focus on one side of the story. In reality, ObamaCare has a lot of harm in store for Americans. Click on the following topics to get the full story on ObamaCare. We’ve included a rebuttal of the Left’s arguments, along with more information and links on where to find the experts: Things the Left Doesn’t Mention; Small Business and Jobs; Young Adults and Kids; Women; and Seniors 

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Get the Truth About How ObamaCare Harms Small Businesses & Jobs

Published 03/22/12

According to the left, the Affordable Care Act provides tax credits of up to 35% of the amount small businesses pay in insurance premiums, increases this tax credit in 2014 to up to 50% of premiums, and allows small businesses to purchase insurance through competitive exchanges in 2014. Get the truth — ObamaCare will do great harm to small businesses and jobs. 

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Get The Truth About How ObamaCare Harms Young Adults

Published 03/21/12

According to the left, the Affordable Care Act will allow all young people to stay covered under their parents’ plan until age 26, offer tax credits to small businesses that may add health insurance benefits, and prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage to young people due to preexisting conditions. Get the truth. ObamaCare will do great harm to young adults. 

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The Real March Madness, Year 2: What's the Worst Part of ObamaCare?

Published 03/13/12

Now, the Real March Madness is back. And we want you to help determine what’s the worst part about ObamaCare as it hits year 2. Go to today. Fill out your bracket and make your picks. Share it with friends and ask them to join in the game. 

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TAKE ACTION: There's No Compromise on the 1st Amendment

Published 02/13/12

This Administration’s blatant contempt for our fundamental rights needs to be confronted head on. Sign our petition today to tell President Obama that there can be no compromise on religious freedom.  

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Call Your Congressman: Support the Repeal of IPAB

Published 02/10/12

Legislation has been introduced in Congress that would get rid of the health care rationing board IPAB. The Medicare Decisions Accountability Act — HR 452 — introduced by Congressman Phil Roe (R-TN) would repeal the creation of IPAB from ObamaCare, freeing people from having their medical treatment held hostage by a government panel unconcerned with what is best for the individual. 

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Defend Your Religious Freedom from ObamaCare

Published 02/09/12

The government cannot be allowed to force people to violate their religion. Stand up for religious freedom. Sign our new petition demanding that the Obama Administration rescind this new rule. 

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TAKE ACTION: Sign the Petition Telling Justice Kagan to Recuse Herself

Published 01/30/12

Independent Women's Voice has created a petition calling on Justice Kagan to recuse herself from the ObamaCare case. Preservation of the very integrity of the Supreme Court hangs in the balance. You can find the petition online at 

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ObamaCare Making It Harder and Harder for Small Businesses to Hire

Published 01/23/12

A new survey just out from the US Chamber of Commerce showed that a whopping 74% of small business owners say that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act makes it more difficult for them to hire additional employees. 

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No CLASS: Tell Congress to Get Rid of the CLASS Act Permanently

Published 01/19/12

Rest assured that the same people who thought the CLASS Act was a good idea in the first place are currently devising ways to bring it back. The only way to ensure that doesn't happen is to be rid of CLASS permanently. 

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Labor Unions Benefit Most from Lawless ObamaCare Waivers

Published 01/09/12

Today, we learn that the biggest beneficiaries of the waivers issued by Sebelius and HHS have been President Obama's friends in the big labor unions. The Daily Caller reports that labor unions representing 543,812 union members received waivers. By contrast, private employers with a 69,813 employees received waivers. 

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ObamaCare's Lawless Waiver Process

Published 01/06/12

There's no better example of government-by-whim than the issuance of waivers from the obligations imposed by ObamaCare. So far, a total of 1,472 waivers have been issued by the Department of Health and Human Services. 

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SCOTUS Justice Recusal: Safe, Legal and Not-So-Rare

Published 01/05/12

Chief Justice Roberts is right that each member of the Court has a obligation to be sure of the need before deciding on recusal. We ask, how could Justice Kagen not be sure of the need to recuse herself from the ObamaCare case when it's so clearly obvious to all of us? 

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The Cornhusker Kickback Strikes Back!

Published 01/01/12

Make no mistake: Ben Nelson isn't running for reelection because of ObamaCare. The Cornhusker Kickback has kicked him right out of the Senate.


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A Preview of Our Future with ObamaCare

Published 12/21/11

Sally Pipes on the Pacific Research Institute provides a must-read look at how socialized medicine systems are faring, which is also a sneak peak of what Americans can expect if we continue on ObamaCare's path. 

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More Proof You Can't Keep Your Coverage Under ObamaCare

Published 12/12/11

Thanks to a new rule issued by the Department of Health & Human Services, people with low-cost, high-deductible health care plans and health savings accounts could be the next group that is unable to keep their health care no matter how much they may like it. 

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IWV: Suspend ObamaCare Implementation Until SCOTUS Rules

Published 11/15/11

Americans are counting on the Supreme Court to overturn ObamaCare. Is the Court listening? 

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The Real Story: Ohio To Supreme Court: Can You Hear Us Now?

Published 11/09/11

"We at IWV will continue to fight for individuals making their own decisions with regard to their health insurance and their health care, and we will continue the fight to defund, deauthorize and repeal ObamaCare." 

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Time is Running Out! Help Beat Back ObamaCare in Ohio!

Published 11/07/11

Tomorrow, voters in Ohio will have a unique opportunity to deal a stinging rebuke to ObamaCare. On November 8th, when Ohio voters go to the polls to decide "Issue 3" — the Ohio Health Care Freedom Ballot Initiative — they won't just be voting to block the mandated purchase of a government-approved health insurance product in their state. And they won't just be preserving their right to choose their health care and health insurance for themselves. 

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URGENT ACTION ALERT: Outcome in Ohio Could Affect SCOTUS ObamaCare Decision

Published 10/11/11

On November 8, we must send a message to Washington. We must show the world where we stand on the burdensome mandates of ObamaCare. The Ohio Health Care Amendment preserves the freedom of Ohio citizens to choose their health care and health insurance. It makes clear that no government has the right to force free people to buy a government-approved health care package from a government-approved big insurance company. If we win this initiative, our voices will be heard not just in the Capitol building, but in a building right next door: The Supreme Court of the United States. 

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The Big Pill - The Realities and Costs of ObamaCare

Published 09/27/11

For the first time, a graphic has been put together that illustrates just how dangerous ObamaCare will become if left unchecked. For months our organization, the Independent Women’s Voice, has been petitioning Congress, demanding a time-out on ObamaCare. While we have had some success, we knew we could do more. That is why we put together an easy to understand graphic that is ready to share. 

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Your ObamaCare August Recess Guide - The Knowledge You Need, The Questions to Ask

Published 08/17/11

Just in time for August recess, Independent Women’s Voice has released a series of informational handouts on ObamaCare. The flyers focus on a range of topics from changes to health insurance, changes to Medicare, impact on the national debt, to Constitutional challenges, and how to join the movement for repeal. 

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Breaking News - Eleventh Circuit Rules on Florida Case

Published 08/13/11

BREAKING NEWS – The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that ObamaCare's individual mandate is unconstitutional. This is the second appellate court to issue a ruling on the 2,000-page law, following the Sixth Circuit Court that deemed the law Constitutional. This means we have split circuits, folks. 

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Tell Congress We Need a Time-Out on ObamaCare Implemementation NOW!

Published 05/04/11

When you went to the ballot box in 2010, you sent a clear message to Washington. You demanded serious and significant spending cuts, adherence to the Constitution, a halt to the implementation of ObamaCare and, ultimately, its full repeal. Last week, the Supreme Court passed on a petition to expedite the Virginia’s legal challenge to ObamaCare. Now, it could be two years, or longer, before the Court’s opinion is handed down. This is why Congress must act now to pass the “Save Our States” Act. 

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IWV: Pass the "Save Our States" Act as Part of Any Debt Ceiling Agreement

Published 05/03/11

Independent Women’s Voice President and CEO Heather Higgins today released a letter to all members of Congress urging them to include passage of the “Save Our States” Act, offered by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) as Amendment No. 197 to Senate Bill 493, as a non-negotiable part of any debt ceiling agreement. 

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U.S. Supreme Court Decision Against Expedited Review of Health Law Challenge Bolsters Case for Timely Passage of Hutchinson's "Save Our States" Act

Published 04/25/11


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POTUS Will Not Put VA Case on the Fast Track

Published 04/25/11


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Arizona Takes Step in the Right Direction

Published 04/18/11

In the midst of the national debate about health care, some states are taking matters into their own hands to protect the health care freedoms of their citizens, and improve access to health insurance through lower prices. 

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Where's My Waiver

Published 04/07/11

The Secretary of Health and Human Services has arbitrarily given waivers to 1,169 businesses and five entire states from harmful provisions of ObamaCare. Despite union workers only making up 11.9% of the workforce, 45.55% of waiver beneficiaries are unionized! 

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The Obamacare Real March Madness Champion Crowned: The Individual Mandate

Published 04/06/11

Washington, D.C. — From 64 contenders, one champion has emerged with the right to be called the single worst part of ObamaCare. Thanks to your votes in the Independent Women’s Voice Real March Madness bracket game at, the Individual Mandate has been determined to be the worst and most harmful part of ObamaCare. 

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The Fatal Four: IWV's Real March Madness Bracket Down to the Four Most Offensive Parts of Obamacare

Published 03/29/11

Washington, D.C. — The field of the 64 worst parts of ObamaCare in the Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) Real March Madness bracket has now been narrowed down to the “Fatal Four” — the four parts of the law determined by your votes to be the worst and most damaging parts of ObamaCare. 

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"The Millennial Appeal to Obama" is the $5000 First Place Winner in IWV's ObamaCare Anniversary Video Contest

Published 03/23/11

Washington, D.C. — Independent Women’s Voice today announced that Matthew Szewczyk, creator of the video “The Millennial Appeal to Obama,” is the winner of the $5,000 first prize in the Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) ObamaCare Anniversary Video Contest. 

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New Video Provides 3 Health Policy Proposals

Published 03/22/11

The Institute for Humane Studies is introducing this new video featuring Harvard University economist Jeff Miron, Ph. D., this week in honor of ObamaCare’s one-year anniversary. 

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Vote TODAY for the Winner of the ObamaCare Anniversary Video Contest

Published 03/21/11

The videos are in and now it’s time for you to help select the winner of the ObamaCare Anniversary Video Contest. 

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Why Waste Billions on ObamaCare Law That Might Be Void?

Published 03/14/11

Florida judge Robert Vinson recently ruled on the 26 state lawsuit against ObamaCare and found the law’s individual mandate to buy health insurance unconstitutional. Critically, he also ruled that, in the absence of a severability clause and the centrality of the mandate to the law, it is void in its entirety. 

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Second Entry in IWV $5000 ObamaCare Video Contest

Published 03/11/11


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IWV ObamaCare Video Contest Offers a $5000 First Prize

Published 03/04/11

The Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) announces its “ObamaCare Anniversary Video Contest!” We want your one-minute or less video explaining how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — popularly known as ObamaCare — will hurt our medical system and our freedoms. 

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First Entry in IWV's $5000 ObamaCare Anniversary Video Contest

Published 03/04/11

The first entries are coming in! Don’t miss your chance to win $5,000.  

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Independent Women's Voice on Senate Repeal Vote: See Where They Stand

Published 02/02/11

Independent Women’s Voice President & CEO Heather Higgins expressed disappointment in the Democrats’ blocking of a Senate GOP effort to repeal President Obama’s unpopular and unconstitutional health care law. 

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Independent Women's Voice Praises Florida Federal Judge Roger Vinson’s Striking Down ObamaCare

Published 02/01/11

Independent Women’s Voice President & CEO Heather Higgins today praised Florida Federal Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling of the individual mandate in the health care law passed last March, “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”, as unconstitutional and unseverable from the rest of the law, thus striking it down in its entirety.  

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Independent Women's Voice Urges Full Health Care Repeal in Senate

Published 01/24/11

Independent Women’s Voice CEO Heather Higgins – responding to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s declaration yesterday that he would move to the Senate floor HR 2, the House-passed bill fully repealing ObamaCare – today praised McConnell for his determination, and pledged IWV’s continued help. 

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IWV: House Health Care Vote is Just the Beginning

Published 01/21/11

Independent Women’s Voice CEO Heather Higgins today praised Wednesday’s House passage of HR2 — the measure to completely repeal ObamaCare — as an important first step down the road to full repeal of President Barack Obama’s unpopular new health care plan. 

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Sign Up to Receive "The Daily Dose" in Your Inbox!

Published 01/09/11


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Sign the Letter Supporting ObamaCare Repeal!

Published 01/07/11

As part of our Repeal Pledge efforts, Independent Women’s Voice has written a one-sentence letter to urge our leaders in Congress to vote for total repeal of ObamaCare, bill HR2. The more signatures we collect, the stronger our message! Help us fight for repeal by adding your name. 

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Vote for Health Policy Questions in Today's RNC Debate

Published 01/03/11


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IWV: "Don't Fund ObamaCare in a Continuing Resolution"

Published 12/24/10


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Independent Women's Voice Sends Letter to Senators

Published 12/15/10

Independent Women’s Voice is sending a letter to Senators today, urging them to scrap the CROmnibus, the pending legislation that pours billions of dollars of funding into ObamaCare. We urge other concerned groups and individuals to send similar messages to their Senators. 

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Judge Rules Individula Mandate Unconstitutional

Published 12/13/10


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Addicted to Doc Fixes

Published 12/08/10

Turns out “Doc Fixes” are addictive. From Politico... 

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The Waivers Keep Coming

Published 12/08/10


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The Health Care System has a Pre-existing Condition

Published 11/30/10

Pre-existing conditions are a serious, complex matter. Americans who have been diagnosed with chronic disease or cancer are the consumers we’d expect to face the greatest problems in the health insurance market due to the high costs of their treatments. 

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Debt Commission Encourages a Second Look at Public Option

Published 11/16/10


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"No" to ObamaCare Could Mean "Yes" to Better Ideas

Published 11/15/10

You might recognize Dr. Alieta Eck from IWV’s TV ad that’s posted in the Videos section of our site. She recently wrote a fantastic piece for Association of American Physicians and Surgeons about what real reform should look like. 

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Welcome to Saving Our Health Care!

Published 10/20/10

If the American health care system was in trouble before, it’s in even worse trouble now. Ever since the health reform legislation (ObamaCare) passed in March, it’s been a hot topic in the news, and Americans have been trying to figure out how it will affect the health care system in the United States.  

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